32 Week Update!

I haven’t posted a weekly update in a while! Well, that’s because it’s been a world wind of the last few weeks.

At about 28 weeks I was sent for further ultrasounds because they were concerned about my placental notching – essentially the blood flow from my placenta to the baby was not even – and that’s worrying because it can mean a whole slew of things for the baby’s development and my health.

During this ultrasound, they determined that the baby had now dropped to the 36th percentile of growth. Down from the 75th percentile two weeks earlier. The OB was pretty concerned and said that I would now be deemed high risk and would need to do ultrasounds every two weeks. She also said that if the baby did not grow, I would have to deliver early (somewhere between 34 and 37 weeks) and he would need to stay in the NICU until his body weight and development improved. She wanted me to stop working and she told me to go home and relax. Ya Right!!!

I was mortified and as soon as I left the office, I was hysterical. All I could think about was being separated from my newborn and having to leave him in the hospital when I went home, and being separated from my toddler while I was in the hospital. I know that there are a lot of mama’s that go through this exact scenario and my heart breaks for you. I just couldn’t handle the thought of leaving my baby.

Two very long weeks go by, with my husband extremely stressed, our parents extremely stressed, and me just trying to keep it all together. At my next ultrasound, I met with a different doctor who told me that everything was normal… the beginning of our conversation went something like this:

DR: Everything looks great!
ME: Really?!
DR: Ya! Your blood pressure is perfect.
ME: Really?!
DR: Your amniotic fluid is perfect.
ME: Really?!
DR: Blood flow looks good and your baby has put on a bit of weight. He’s in the 50th percentile.
ME: Really?!!!!
DR: Why are you so surprised??

I told her about the last visit. She said that there was probably an over measurement the first time and an under measurement the second time, that the baby has likely always been in the 50th percentile. She assured me that everything was fine based on today’s ultrasound and that as long as he kept putting on weight, we would likely have a perfectly happy, healthy and strong little boy. I almost cried again.

This past Monday I had another ultrasound and data continues to look good! All my data points are keeping up, blood flow is good and baby put on 500 grams in two weeks! He’s now about 4.5 lbs. If the assumption that babies put on .5lbs every week in the last trimester is true, i’m looking at a 8 pounder! He’ll be bigger than his brother!

Anything can happen so I’m just hoping that we can stay happy and healthy (especially with the global pandemic going on right now!). I’m off work for the next two months, as per doctor’s orders, so as to ensure I continue to find ample time to rest and let baby grow, as well as putting in every effort to avoid this flu!

I’ll update you during the next ultrasound – which will be in about 1 month’s time.

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