25 Week Update

One more week down! 15 more left to go!
Baby is now a cauliflower and he’s getting bigger. I can definitely feel the stretch now. Every time someone asks how i’m doing I say: “Stretched” haha.

I’m really feeling the belly bump itch these days. I have to catch myself so often, I look like I a flea infested dog scratching away. But I’ve also been using some amazing products. The main thing that I use is almond oil – I love the scent of almond oil and it absorbs so well into the skin. I’m also hoping that it helps expose the baby to tree nuts in utero and therefor helps in building his immunity to any allergies.

Nothing particularly new health wise, although I am finding that there are more and more days where I am not just physically exhausted, but excessively sleepy as well. Yesterday it was all I could to keep my eyes open throughout the day.

Cravings have pretty gone away now, I can barely get anything in my stomach. I was looking back on my 36 week picture from when I was pregnant with Tiago, and there is such a long way to go and i’m going to get much bigger!

Stay Tuned!

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