24 Week Update

Hi all! I hope you are all doing fantastic and enjoying the lovely winter weather! Is it just me or have we been having a mild winter in Toronto?

I’m officially at 24 weeks pregnant. 15 Weeks and 3 days to go! How scary is that? I’ve started thinking about all the things that I need to get ready and I’m stressing! How do you get things ready when you have a clingy, whiny, beautiful, hungry, active 1.5 year old running around and holding your legs? Answer so far – you don’t!

We found out in our last ultrasound that we’re having another boy (could you tell from the ultrasound? Cheeky boy) which is super exciting. We of course were secretly, not so secretly, hoping that it would be a girl and this would be it, but we’re thrilled to have another little boy running around. I have already learned how to physically care for a male infant and toddler, I have boxes and boxes and bags and bags of clothes (thank you to all my hand-me-down saviours) and I think that it may be helpful for them to be the same sex so that they play together better and longer. Less toys? Maybe we’ll try for a girl in a few years, you never know. For now, it’s up to my little sister to create the next Malaquias female.

SO how is baby? Baby is doing pretty good! At this time he is the size of a cantaloupe and his skin is starting to take on a more pinkish colour to it (thanks Bump App). He’s in the 76th percentile, which is important to us because our doctors were concerned that he may be at risk for a low birth rate due to my low PAPP-A hormone results. PAPP-A is a hormone that they have recently begun regularly screening all mothers for – they see it low in mothers who develop pre-eclampsia, placentas that don’t work well or have babies with low birth weight and/or growth restrictions. He’s moving tons! I am definitely not forgetting that he is around anymore. He likes to move when he hears Tiago crying or whining, how cute is that! He also tells me to change positions throughout the night when he’s done lying on one side too much.

One thing that we are slightly concerned about is that his kidneys are a little larger than average, medically termed hydronephrosis. This is because there is a buildup of urine in the kidneys that is dilating them. This can happen for two reasons: there is a slight defect or my own relaxin hormones are surging through his body and causing his organs to relax as well. If the former, the issue could resolve on its own prior to birth, could still be present at birth and resolve within a few weeks, or, in the worst scenarios require antibiotics or even surgery to treat. Of course i’m hoping for the absolute best, and in the meantime I need to continue with ultrasounds once per month to continue monitoring them and me!

“And how’s mama?”
“Oh I’m fine!”
“no really??”
Ya, i’m actually doing alright. I have a few issues that i’m dealing with myself but for the most part everything is normal.

With the low PAPP-A hormone, i’m also being monitored by the High Risk Clinic (on top of the midwives and the endocrinologist) as they want to ensure my placenta is functioning properly at all times. Happy to report that it presently is and is, in fact, pumping lots of blood to baby, more on one side, but still an ample and sufficient amount. Good results!

I’m now starting to have braxton hicks, which is something I experienced in my first pregnancy and they told me would only get worse with each pregnancy as I have an overactive uterus. I basically have the tightest stomach for hours every evening making everything I do extremely uncomfortable.

My TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) has gone up to 2.11 from 1.07 in the last month which is causing some serious tiredness to set it quite early in the day, like 10 AM. ugh. I recently bought a Hashimoto’s Cookbook on Amazon that i’m really looking forward to trying out. I need to seriously curb back on my gluten and dairy intake for these next three months (well, forever) if i’m going to make it through them.

Anyways, that’s all for now!

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