Must-Haves, Not Needed & Wished I Had: 0-6 months

Below are a few of my favourite products, must-haves, wishes and a list of things I really didn’t need for a newborn, up to 6 months!

Let’s start with the must haves!

Baby Brezza Sterilizer: If you are using bottles, you need this machine. It’s a fantastic stand-alone sterilizer. There are definitely cheaper sterilizers that you can get, but I would say swing for top quality if this is something you are going to be using all the time. I sterilized my bottles daily up until bebe was 7 months. The drying feature in this machine is the best. Have you ever tried drying bottles with just the air or by hand? #timesuck I’m sure there are other machines with a dryer, but seriously, get a machine with a dryer if you are using bottles. You will need distilled water for this machine or the hotplate will get covered in calcium buildup.

Breast Shells/ Milk Savers: These are crucial if you are a breastfeeding mom: nursing or pumping! These have been, hands down, the item that has stopped me from going 100% insane. They catch all the milk that falls during breastfeeding, and if you’ve been following along with my blog, all day for me! I catch about 40ml every 2-3 hours with these and then pour it into a bottle. Get multiple sets so you are not constantly washing and drying and increase their lifespan!

Zipper sleepers: are you using button up sleepers? #stopitnow try a zipper sleeper, you will never go back. I refuse to use button up’s at night. They are a huge pain for you and Bebé when all you want to do is go back to sleep.

Pampers Pure Diapers: I really wanted to use Cloth diapers and spent a fortune on them too. But with the level of exhaustion I was feeling I just couldn’t bring myself to do laundry two times a day… It’s more expensive, but I’m not compromising on quality, baby friendly diapers. Pampers Pure diapers match all of my requirements for a healthy diaper with far fewer chemicals than other brands. They’re comparable to Seventh Generation and Honest. Plus you get rewards with their rewards app! I’m saving up for a starbucks giftcard! Coffee Please! I highly recommend getting an Amazon Family/Prime Account and then getting these on a monthly subscription so you never have to worry about having diapers and you get 20% off!.

Coconut Oil: this is not necessarily a baby product, but I use it for everything! Baby bum, nipples, flanges, dry skin, hair mask, pancakes. It’s so good for you and baby. You want to make sure that you get organic, virgin coconut oil and not any highly processed versions. For baby bum protection, I melt some coconut oil, add into a bottle and then either squeeze it out or keep it warm and liquid by leaving it on top of my wipe warmer.

Wipe Warmer: Imagine you’re lying in bed, cocooned in your warm blankets, maybe someone has just fed you a warm glass of milk and you’ve settled yourself back into a slumber. All of a sudden someone is taking off your clothes and putting a cold wet towel on you. You’d be screaming and crying too right?! Those tears aren’t necessary if you have a wipe warmer! In the first few weeks of having my babe at home, those night time screams were the worst. They were so loud and heartbreaking, but once I got the wipe warmer they turned only into a whimper of being slightly awoken to have his diaper changed. I originally thought “ok, he’ll get used to the cold wipes” but it’s just so much nicer when they are warm.

Pack and Play Play Pen with Bassinet and Change Table: I would recommend purchasing one of these for the floor where you and baby aren’t sleeping. During the day, when you aren’t sleeping yourself, you’re still going to want to have baby close to you and with this playpen, you have the bassinet and change table right there. You won’t need to climb any stairs to get to the nursery, change station or crib.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro: I didn’t need this until just recently (6+ months), but I add it here because if I had been formula feeding at this time, this would have been my #1 BFF. Night feedings, warming up bottles in a bottle warmer, the waiting, the crying, etc. – it’s hard. The formula pro gets it done within seconds. You just press a button and 5 seconds later the bottle is ready. Give it a good shake to ensure everything is mixed and then feed your bebe. Simple. Done. I use this now that baby is getting half his bottles from formula and it is great. There are some people that struggle with this machine, but I find it to be simple and amazing. I’m sure that there are manufacturing duds and you definitely need to shake the bottle once everything has been poured in, but I’ve never had any issues. There are 500+ reviews on the product on Amazon and most of them are great.

Nested Bean Sleep Sack: This really works and when I got it things changed for the better! Bebe would finally sleep on his own in his bassinet for part of the night and napped really well. The light weighted chest is perfect and the stretchy, velcro arm straps hold in even the strongest of startlers! Bebe T would always be waking himself up with his startle reflex and in a regular swaddle, he’d be out of it in minutes. I can’t wait to purchase the 6+ sleep sack!

Below are some of the items I wished I had!

I wish I had purchased the Halo Bassinet, or something similar. The first five weeks, Bebe slept in his Pack & Play bassinet out in our family room, and I slept on the couch. This was mostly because bebe wanted to sleep in my arms and on my chest the whole time. After the first five weeks we transitioned to the bedroom where he slept in the bed beside me. This was terrifying as I was constantly worried about whether he was breathing, not getting too close to him, etc. I think I would have been much better off getting the halo bassinet, sleeping in the bed and positioning the halo so that it was a close as possible to me. Everyone wins!

A rocking chair! My nursery was too small, as we had a queen-sized bed inside, that I wasn’t going to take out because I knew I would be sleeping in that room with the baby. I, therefore, decided not to get a rocking/nursing chair, but I wish I had. I spent a great deal of time on the couch in the living room, sitting on my bed to nurse (in the first 3 weeks) or in an office chair. All of these squishy surfaces did a number of my back.

A Rock and Play Sleeper. Bebe used one of these at a friends house and he went from super hyper to calm and melow in an instant. He calmly lied in this thing for a good 45 minutes! It has some a few different rocking settings and is set at an incline, which is great for those bebes that suffer from reflux, like mine did. I will 100% be buying this for any future babies to enjoy.

Below are a few items I didn’t need:

  • Baby Shoes – babies don’t walk, so you don’t need to waste money, or closet space, on shoes! The only time they are going to need shoes is when they are walking outside. Otherwise, they should be barefoot or if it’s chilly, with a nice pair of warm socks and a blanket.
  • Specialty burp cloths – this is a waste of money and you will likely never use them. Those swaddlers you got, those are going to be your everything, just use those!
  • Sink Flower Bath Pillows – your baby is going to outgrow this super fast. You’re better off investing in a staged baby bath that can fit over your tub. I really loved my Fisher Price Baby Bathtub because I was able to use it from day one and still am!

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