Product Review: Mon Petit Coulou Winter Cover

Winter is coming! But the cold weather is already here and our little ones are shivering! How to keep them warm when we venture outside…

The Petit Coulou winter cover is AMAZING! I discovered the company at the Toronto Baby Time Show back in 2017, when I was expecting Tiago. I was only 1 month pregnant, but we were already super excited about our bundle of joy. It was super cold outside already and I knew that keeping him warm was going to be a priority for me. As we ventured from booth to booth we came across the cutest winter car seat covers. Learning that the company was started by a grandmama from Montreal and made for Canadian winters was all I needed to be convinced of its quality…

Bebé T all snuggled and zipped up in his Petit Coulou!

What is the product?: The Winter Petit Coulou is an insulated car seat cover designed to keep baby warm without the need for a snowsuit. Just dress them as normal, secure them into the car seat and zip up the cover. Presto! All warm. 
There is also an extra insulation pad that you can insert into the car seat to add a little extra warmth. The cover is stretchy around the bottom, so it will fit all types of car seats. 

Why do I like it?: I love the Petit Coulou because it absolutely keeps Tiago warm, while allowing him to be free to move around inside if he wishes. It also blocks out the harsh winter wind and snow that might otherwise blow in his face with a snowsuit, as well as creating a cozy, dark cocoon where he can fall asleep while we’re driving. In fact, this is probably what I like about it the most – as soon as I get him in there, pop his pacifier in his mouth and zip it up, he’s out cold! I imagine that it reminds him of being in the womb. It’s his favourite place.

Because I know Tiago loves to be warm and snuggly, I have added in a jolly jumper car seat insert. This allows me to not have even the slightest worry about his little toes getting cold (because I don’t use shoes) and I often forgo a jacket and mittens. But this really isn’t necessary and just to make sure he doesn’t overheat when we’re in the car I unzip the Coulou and pull out the jolly jumper cover. This also allows the Coulou to open a bit so I can see him in my rearview mirror.

I love peaking at his little face through the opening and we always play peek-a-boo through the zipper before we’re off on our adventure of the day!

Are there any disadvantages?: When adding extra layers, like I do, be cognizant of how warm your baby is and make the appropriate adjustments so they don’t overheat. I choose to unzip and pull out the extra layer when we are in the car and if he’s fallen asleep when we arrive, I unzip everything so he doesn’t get too sweaty while he’s sleeping. 

Where can this product be purchased?: I purchased mine at the Toronto Baby Time Show, but you can purchase yours directly from their online store at: They also have a larger variety of mid-season and summer covers for strollers and car seats too!

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