Product Review: Nature Bond Silicone Breastpump

Nature Bond Silicone Pump

What is the product?: The Nature Bond is a “Manual” breast pump. It’s manual because it’s not electric and only requires you to attach it to your breast with a little suction.  Its simple to use, easy to clean and relatively cheap. The material is BPA free plastic and it is able to hold about 4 ounces of milk. This particular model comes with a plug and a lid to ensure that your precious milk doesn’t spill anywhere. It’s easy to clean and sterilizer safe.

What is the product used for?: There are two ways in which this product can be used. It’s primarily used by breastfeeding mothers as a way to catch milk that is let down from the breast that is not being used to feed. With the added suction it encourages more milk to flow, allowing mamas to start creating a freezer stash or to save for later. You can also use it as an actual pump, pumping the body to stimulate a letdown.

How is it used?:

As a letdown catch – I have found that the best way to attach the pump, is to roll back the opening, squeeze the body, press the opening against the nipple that you are not going to use and release. Your nipple should be pulled in. Roll the opening back up and over your breast so that it holds. There should be a suction feeling and a tightness around your breast in order for it to stick on and hold properly.

As a manual pump – insert your nipple into the pump opening and squeeze the body of the pump over and over to encourage milk to flow.

Why do I like it?: There are a couple of reasons:

As an exclusive pumping mama, I rely on the easiest, most comfortable, most efficient ways to get as much milk out of my breasts as possible. I also have two caveats to my process: I am a single pumper and I have a leaky boob. I single pump because my bebe HATES when I pump and I, therefore, need to be able to detach from the pump as fast as possible to comfort him or move him around, feed him, etc. and I found that double pumping with a hands-free bra took too long to disassemble and was a little messy for me. Second, my leaky left breast means that any stored milk comes out almost consistently, but with an extremely fast letdown when my right breast is pumped. The regular catch containers I have are just not big enough to catch all the milk from my left breast. 

Because of the suction that I am able to get from the pump, after I have finished my right side and I am moving on to pump my left, I attach the Nature Bond pump to my right and I’m able to get at least 1-2 more ounces out of that side. This means that I am getting every last drop out of my breast even after using my electric pump.

Are there any disadvantages?: I found that it doesn’t actually work that great as a manual pump and I would not recommend it for that purpose. I would highly recommend it as a letdown catcher for nursing mamas or single pumpers. It is great to add on if you have a travel pump that you use, such as the Medela Harmony pump.

Where can this product be purchased?:

  • The best place to purchase this product is through Amazon. You use my affiliate link HERE.
  • You may also find this product in baby goods stores.
  • A more popular version of this product is the HAAKAA Pump, which you can also purchase on Amazon HERE.
  • You can also get a two pack of a similar product from Amazon HERE, which is a great deal and I wish I would have seen this before because it would make cleaning a little less stressful.
  • You can also purchase cheaper, knockoff products through the WISH app.

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