Product Review: The Postnatal Depletion Cure

What is the product?: The Postnatal Depletion Cure is a book by Australian Doctor Oscar Serrallach. He’s written it as a guide for women who he cannot see and treat at his clinical practice. In his medical experience treating many mothers over the years, he determined that there was a significant, yet undiscussed, difference between postpartum depression and postpartum depletion. In a nutshell, his book describes postpartum depletion as the severe and unfixable exhaustion that mother’s feel after having a child, often lasting several years. He has attributed this depletion to a lack of rest, recovery and proper nutrition following birth. He compares western society practices to more traditional cultures to depict the difference in how our society views and honours birth and the recovery of the mother and how the lack of care has contributed to an increase in maternal ailments. 

What is the product used for?: The book is used as a guide for mothers to explore postpartum depletion and aid them, in conjunction with their medical advisors, in recovering from birth and rebuilding their physical and mental well-being. 

How is it used?: The book is divided into four parts:
1. A definition of Postanal Depletion so one can determine if this is what they are experiencing.
2. A number of chapters focusing on rebuilding vital elements of physical well-being including nutrients, sleep, and hormones. These chapters feature real-life case studies from Dr. Serrallach’s clinical patients. I found comparing how I was feeling with some of his patients to be very helpful and comforting. 
3. A couple of chapters on physical recovery through food and exercise. 
4. A few finals chapters focusing on mental and emotional recovery. 

Why do I like it?: 
I had never thought about the postpartum period as being a sacred timeframe in my life; I had never thought that I would feel so unwell, alone, exhausted and desperate. I didn’t realize that I would need to make self-care one of my highest priorities. So I didn’t, and I fell deeper into depletion and deeper into anxiety and depression. When I was lost in the throes of sadness and despair, guilt and anger, this book was truly a gift to me. It helped me understand that what I was going through was not inexplicable or irreversible. It helped me to express and define what I was going through so I could get the support from my family and medical support that I needed in order to feel better. It gave me insight and appreciation for the postpartum period that I had not properly equipped myself with before. I didn’t know that in some cultures women are lovingly confined to their bedrooms for 40 – 60 days with only the breastfeeding of their baby and self-recovery to worry about. I had never heard about the “lying in” period or “mother roasting” that many indigenous and eastern cultures practice so regularly to help their mothers recover from birth and regain their strength and health.
The advice that Dr. Serrallach has provided in book equipped with the right questions and directions to provide my medical advisors so that they could support me in rebuilding my nutrients and vitamins that in turn are supporting me in my physical and mental recovery. 

Where can this product be purchased?: Click HERE to purchase this book on Amazon through my Amazon Affiliate Link. You can also review Dr. Serrallach’s Website and order direct by visiting:

In postpartum health,
Mama + Bebé 

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