Affiliate Marketing and Me

When Tiago was born, I knew I wouldn’t be able to return to my corporate job. I loved it and it was the perfect fit for me, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to give either of them the appropriate amount of attention if I were doing them both. I therefore decided to return only to a part-time position, with another company I was also working for, so that I could spend more time with my son and focus on growing my family.

But this meant that the salary my family had before was not the same, and I started exploring opportunities where I could have the best of both worlds: time with my family AND an income that best supported them. I didn’t want my husband working endless hours just to support us – that wasn’t the family I had always dreamed of.

I started working on a passion of mine – making jewelry. I launched Seren + Skye in the summer of 2019 and it’s been an amazing creative outlet for me. I make beautiful quality pieces that are affordable to people like me: ambitious mamas who worry about meeting their budgets, but still want to treat themselves to something nice every once and a while. They deserve it don’t they?

My brand was (and still is) successful, but I needed something to take me to the next level. I needed to get my brand out there and in front of more women. My search to figure out what that meant led me to an amazing educational platform that taught me what I needed to know to scale my business. Even better though – it opened the door to so many more opportunities that I could take advantage of.

The training and education I received and continue to receive are amazing and the community support and resources are even better. I feel like I’ve joined a whole other family that will support me every step of the way in achieving my dreams.

Along with writing my blog, and running my small jewelry brand, I am now full steam ahead into the digital marketing world. I haven’t looked back! I’ve been able to build a business online doing what I love best: helping others.

Not only did this new education improve my online business strategies and increased my sales results, but I launched a completely new business in affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

You know when you see a post on Instagram that reads AD or you read a blog post that reads “this post may contain affiliate links” well it means that if you click on that link and make a purchase, the person who put that link out there gets a commission. At no extra cost to you. Companies are literally paying regular people to do a large chunk of the marketing work for them. Word of mouth or learning about a product through a friend or contact, is much more powerful than companies spending thousands of dollars on an ad, not knowing if it will be successful.

I’m specifically working with two different companies: the education platform I learned this all from, and another independent and ambitious mama who has started her own formula wholesale business. I plan on working with one more in the distant future, but the options are endless. I know people who are making thousands of dollars every month by affiliating with all sorts of different companies. From natural wellness products, such as CBD oil, to clothing, to WATER!

I want to tell you more about what I learned in order to get to this point. The educational platform taught me:

  • How to properly identify my target audience.
  • How to grow my audience organically and by utilizing the power of Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • How to write powerful content.
  • How to manage my time and my money effectively.
  • So much more!!

Isn’t that amazing?! I’m now ten steps ahead of where I would have been had I waited to rejoin the “regular” full time workforce after all my children were in full time school. This was my plan, but I’m not so sure it’s going to be the plan anymore. I am now able to stay at home and work from my computer or my cell phone. Or better yet, like so many of my online colleagues, work from anywhere with an internet connection. My dreams of spending the summers in Europe and March breaks in Cuba now sound so much more like a reality than a wonderful dream.


The best part about all of this, is that literally ANYONE can do this, and they can do it at their own pace and capacity. It can be a full-time full salary type of gig, or a side hustle grocery money type of gig. You don’t need to be special; you don’t need special skills; you don’t need to be a specific type of person. If you’re on social media, you’ve already started!

You also don’t need to have something already on the go like I did; this program will give you all the tools you need to start your own online business from scratch (physical products NOT NECESSARY) promoting products you already purchase and believe in. There are no secrets here, no pretend promises.

If I can do it, you can have the life that you’re dreaming of too. The one where you are with your kids, not missing any moments and spending quality time fostering their development and building happy memories. You can have this life while still aspiring to have the career you want. You can have that personal fulfillment.

It’s not selfish mama! You need to be there for you too!

I’d love to share more about my journey and the education I’ve received to help me take advantage of the opportunities that are available to all of us. If you’re interested in learning more I’m here to help. Available to answer all your questions, provide you with one-on-one coaching and sharing with you all the resources that have been made available to me.  

The first step in making the difference in your life is by clicking here and letting me know you’re interested.

I’m worth it. You’re worth it too.

My Jewelry Brand – Seren + Skye

Last year I started a project that has truly become the number one passion in my life – besides my babies of course! I launched a jewelry brand: Seren + Skye.

While on maternity leave, I needed a creative outlet; something to occupy the minimal time I had between sleeping, pumping and feeding. I had always had an interest in making jewelry (I even started a jewelry line in high school with a friend of mine, but it only produced good memories) and I thought I would take some of my ideas and see what I could do.

The first few pieces I made were no so great, ha! But they got the creative juices flowing and as I made more and more I got better and better at what I was doing. In the summer I launched my Instagram page and my website. I quickly gained 2000+ followers and numerous sales on my website. In the fall I also started launching pop up shops at local artisan and mama’s markets. This has so far been the best way for me to get my name out there and make a sale.

I’ve created with many different mediums, including brass, sterling silver, cellulose acetate, gold plated, gold filled, gemstones. They’re all great. But the future of my business will definitely be gold filled, sterling silver, gemstones and natural rocks. My future vision for the brand is to create an affordable but classy line of jewelry featuring hypoallergenic materials. I want to make sure that all the ambitious mama’s of this world (like me!) have the best pieces they can get.

I am so excited for what this next year has to come. Jewelry design and small business management has taken over my world and my thoughts, in the best possible way. I hope you will pop by the online shop or a pop up near you to see what we have to have offer.

With Love,


32 Week Update!

I haven’t posted a weekly update in a while! Well, that’s because it’s been a world wind of the last few weeks.

At about 28 weeks I was sent for further ultrasounds because they were concerned about my placental notching – essentially the blood flow from my placenta to the baby was not even – and that’s worrying because it can mean a whole slew of things for the baby’s development and my health.

During this ultrasound, they determined that the baby had now dropped to the 36th percentile of growth. Down from the 75th percentile two weeks earlier. The OB was pretty concerned and said that I would now be deemed high risk and would need to do ultrasounds every two weeks. She also said that if the baby did not grow, I would have to deliver early (somewhere between 34 and 37 weeks) and he would need to stay in the NICU until his body weight and development improved. She wanted me to stop working and she told me to go home and relax. Ya Right!!!

I was mortified and as soon as I left the office, I was hysterical. All I could think about was being separated from my newborn and having to leave him in the hospital when I went home, and being separated from my toddler while I was in the hospital. I know that there are a lot of mama’s that go through this exact scenario and my heart breaks for you. I just couldn’t handle the thought of leaving my baby.

Two very long weeks go by, with my husband extremely stressed, our parents extremely stressed, and me just trying to keep it all together. At my next ultrasound, I met with a different doctor who told me that everything was normal… the beginning of our conversation went something like this:

DR: Everything looks great!
ME: Really?!
DR: Ya! Your blood pressure is perfect.
ME: Really?!
DR: Your amniotic fluid is perfect.
ME: Really?!
DR: Blood flow looks good and your baby has put on a bit of weight. He’s in the 50th percentile.
ME: Really?!!!!
DR: Why are you so surprised??

I told her about the last visit. She said that there was probably an over measurement the first time and an under measurement the second time, that the baby has likely always been in the 50th percentile. She assured me that everything was fine based on today’s ultrasound and that as long as he kept putting on weight, we would likely have a perfectly happy, healthy and strong little boy. I almost cried again.

This past Monday I had another ultrasound and data continues to look good! All my data points are keeping up, blood flow is good and baby put on 500 grams in two weeks! He’s now about 4.5 lbs. If the assumption that babies put on .5lbs every week in the last trimester is true, i’m looking at a 8 pounder! He’ll be bigger than his brother!

Anything can happen so I’m just hoping that we can stay happy and healthy (especially with the global pandemic going on right now!). I’m off work for the next two months, as per doctor’s orders, so as to ensure I continue to find ample time to rest and let baby grow, as well as putting in every effort to avoid this flu!

I’ll update you during the next ultrasound – which will be in about 1 month’s time.

Things to do if you really want to help a new mama

Me and little baby T, only a few weeks in!

Being a new mother is hard work. It’s endless sleepless nights, sore body parts, raging hormones, mixed feelings about food and tons of guilt. At least it was for me. But it’s also a beautiful and critical time where this new mama gets to spend time and bond with her precious baby. Those moments in the first few days, weeks and months, are ones that can never be regained.

It might seem pretty simple to come over for a short time to say hello and meet the new little one, but it can also be a stressful time for a mama. She might feel physically or mentally ill but is too shy to tell you, because she knows you have good intentions.

When I had my first baby I wrote a post about visiting etiquette. If you’re new to visiting newborns, or you just want to see if you’ve been doing it courteously this whole time, check it out.

When you go to visit, if you bring a gift, make it something immediately useful like healthy food, diapers or amazon gift card. The family likely has all the clothes, gadgets and toys they need since they’ve been preparing for months. Better yet, ask what you can bring!

If you really want to help a mama out, and depending on how close you two are, don’t ask to hold or spend time with the baby, do some of the following:
• emptying and filling the dishwasher;
• folding, putting away laundry and doing another load;
• sweeping, vacuuming;
• putting away toys;
• Getting the mail;
• Taking out the garbage;
• Watering the plants, cutting the grass
• Taking care of any pets: refilling food, emptying litter boxes or walking
• Asking how they and really listening as you pour them a coffee or make them a tea.

Don’t forget to play with the other kids! They need some extra attention as mama is probably giving a lot to the new baby.

This list may also be helpful for some of those new father’s or grandparents out there who just aren’t sure about what they should be doing! Of course, you’re going to want spend some cuddle time with your new family member, but please, don’t hog the baby!

25 Week Update

One more week down! 15 more left to go!
Baby is now a cauliflower and he’s getting bigger. I can definitely feel the stretch now. Every time someone asks how i’m doing I say: “Stretched” haha.

I’m really feeling the belly bump itch these days. I have to catch myself so often, I look like I a flea infested dog scratching away. But I’ve also been using some amazing products. The main thing that I use is almond oil – I love the scent of almond oil and it absorbs so well into the skin. I’m also hoping that it helps expose the baby to tree nuts in utero and therefor helps in building his immunity to any allergies.

Nothing particularly new health wise, although I am finding that there are more and more days where I am not just physically exhausted, but excessively sleepy as well. Yesterday it was all I could to keep my eyes open throughout the day.

Cravings have pretty gone away now, I can barely get anything in my stomach. I was looking back on my 36 week picture from when I was pregnant with Tiago, and there is such a long way to go and i’m going to get much bigger!

Stay Tuned!